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The jewelry world has numberless options to offer and sterling silver jewelry is one among those miraculous things people love to wear for casual or special occasions. Its pastel tranquil look blends beautifully with every color, outfit and accompanies every occasion. Respecting the dignity of the gracious look of sterling silver jewelry and its popularity among jewelry lovers, we have crafted a divergent collection of sterling silver rings. Available in different categories like sterling silver boho rings, sterling silver wedding rings, sterling silver band rings, sterling silver gemstone rings , unique silver wedding bands etc. we have a huge variety of cheap sterling silver rings with pocket friendly deals for you.

All our designs are carved in a great harmony with the recent fashion trends of jewelry world and complemented with diamond, gold plating and other sumptuous gemstones like blue sapphire, opals, rubies etc. Think of any occasion, wedding, evening parties, prom night, birthday parties, farewell functions, kitty parties or any other occasion, our wide range of sterling silver rings will make a perfect pair with every mood , every event. All our collections are created to serve the women of all ages and all tastes. From archaic to contemporary designs, we have food for every fashion crave. Your jewelry love will find our diverse assemblage, quite promising.

How To Choose The Best Sterling Silver Rings

Whether it is for you or for someone else as a gift, choosing a sterling silver ring is always a work of detailing. More you stay aware about it, wisest decisions you take while buying a one. One should know the reason for buying a sterling silver ring. Whether it is going to be a wedding ring, a gift for someone else, for a royal evening, for daily use or just for an occasional special appearance, your clarity on reason of buying a sterling silver ring will help you choose from the extensive variety of designs and prioritize the best ones.

Below are some of the tips to help you choose the best sterling silver rings –

  1. Know about sterling silver – Before you purchase a ring or any jewelry of sterling silver, you should know what exactly a sterling silver is? Many a times, sterling silver and silver are considered as the same thing, but both are completely different. But what is that difference? Well, in sterling silver the level of purity is 92.5% and remaining 7.5% is made of copper/nickel/zinc or any other metal. This combination of silver and other metal is necessary as the pure silver is extremely fragile and vulnerable to atmospheric conditions. Mixing it with other metals makes it strong. The purest version contains 99.9% of silver but this is not a thing you can wear in your daily routine as it is extremely delicate and can be worn on some special occasions only and that too with utmost care. So now when you are clear about what sterling silver is, you will make a better decision.
  1. Make your budget – The market has a variety of price ranges and designs to offer, but you need to stick to your budget without getting distracted from the market offers. For e.g. bohemian rings cheap price in the current market can give you great deals with an added profit of varied designs. Make a budget, decide a limit and also the extent of flexibility and increase in your budget. Although the price of gold and silver are linked with each other. If gold rates are high, silver too will show an escalation in prices. In fact, not only bohemian, a huge collection of cheap sterling silver engagement rings are all set to make you ready for the joyful blast of wedding season. To be more promising for your jewelry love, you will find some unprecedented deals in wholesale sterling silver fashion jewelry. In short, the market is full of glitzy possibilities, you just need to do an extensive market research before buying.
  1. Recognize your inclination for antique and new designs –

When at one hand, there are a variety of designs and trends of sterling silver rings, there is also a market for the collectors of archaic treasure. Many people like to buy a sterling ring with some antique designs of family crests, auspicious symbols, heraldic symbols, etc. So before you buy a ring just stay sure about your choices and if it is for someone else you need to be extra aware of their likes and dislikes. Sterling silver is quite a popular trend in the jewelry world, you will always find the perfect match to your choices. Our huge assemblage of rings is upgraded from trendiest designs to most graceful antique pieces.

4 Understand the Patina coat and Tarnish –

Silver is a metal and changes its color as it ages. A properly cared silver ring gets a patina coat with time, which adds color and luster to its metallic surface. This replaces the factory shine from a glow that comes only with the age. Now if we talk about Tarnish, it happens when a silver ring is not well taken care of and it starts reacting with the sulfur in the air and it turns into yellow color. So, patina coated rings are comparatively of higher price than the tarnishes ones. But one important to mention here is that Tarnish is not a permanent thing. With silver cleaner you can easily get rid of it. Next time, while buying an antique silver ring if you find it tarnished, don’t worry, a little cleaning with silver cleaner will make it look as good as a new one.

5 Styles –

A simple sterling silver ring with the finest detailing and symbolic designs are an absolutely perfect choice for everyday use. It also works great as a romantic gift. Rings with pearls, gemstones and diamonds are good for occasional functions and can add a kick to any look and outfit. But while choosing a ring with gemstone, it’s good to take a ring with your birthstone ring or you can also choose a gem with a rich mythological history. Pick a style which defines your personality best. Besides, breaking the stereotypes, instead of buying just one ring buy a collection of three to four rings of different styles. It will keep you ready for a casual as well as a formal occasion.

Hottest Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Our exhaustive collection of sterling silver rings contains a variety of designs. Every piece is produced to mark statements and enhance the grace of your iconic beauties. No matter what your taste is, our collection will keep you going timelessly in every fashion & blend in well with every running trend.

Let’s have a look at the hottest and trendiest styles of sterling silver rings from our store –

Wedding Polki Diamond Band Ring

Solitaire 925 Silver Polki Diamond Ring

Solitaire Star Polki Antique Cut Diamond Ring

Victorian Inspired Bridal Silver Ring

925 Sterling Silver Diamond Antique Ring

Pave Polki Rose Cut Diamond Ruby Ring

Cocktail Polki Antique Cut Diamond Ring

Bridal Sterling Silver Antique Ring

Pave Rose Cut Antique Diamond Emerald Ring

Polki 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Ring


How To Clean Sterling Silver Ring

It’s easy to fall in love with sterling silver jewelry but your love need to be supplemented with due care for your sterling silver jewelry. You might have gathered a stunning collection of sterling silver rings but without due care you will push your precious collection in threats of tarnishing.  So, it’s better to know about some essentials of cleaning your sterling silver rings. It will ensure a lifelong luster of your silver rings keeping it free from dirt and rusting. Fortunately, cleaning sterling silver jewelry is as simple as washing the clothes. Just remember to be regular in your cleaning rituals and then you can stay sure to shine with your sterling silver rings for lifetime.

  • Wear the ring frequently – Yes, it may sound odd to you, but wearing your sterling silver ring often will keep it clean. The oil in your skin will keep the silver clean and will make it look shiny. Usually it is considered that wearing jewelry for long will snatch its glitter and glow. But with sterling silver jewelry the case I completely different, that is why when it comes to casual and everyday jewelry, sterling silver rings are very popular. So wear it as long as you wish because wearing it will only make it look better with the time.
  • Protect it from an exposure to sulfur – A smart way of cleaning is to protect something from getting dirty. When it comes to sterling silver, sulfur is the biggest threat. In our day to day activities and household chores, there are many activities and things which contain sulfur that tarnish our silver jewelry. An exposure to household chemicals, rubber, chlorinated water and food products like eggs, mayonnaise, onion, mustard or latex, wool etc. that contain sulfur can cause corrosion. To be on safer side, remove all your sterling silver rings while engaging in any such activity. By the way, direct contact with sunlight also harms the silver, so never forget to remove your silver jewelry before swimming or sunbathing.

Few more things to add in the list are – cosmetics, lotions, hair spray, and perfumes are also harmful for silver jewelry and accelerate tarnishing.

  • Now come the silver cleaners – There can be two types of silver cleaners – commercial silver cleaners and homemade silver cleaners. Both have their own pros and cons.

Commercial silver cleaners – These cleaners are easily available in the market, but have some serious impact on health and the environment due to the harmful chemicals present in them. If inhaled, it can prove fatal and on disposal, they may mix with groundwater, making it poisonous. In fact, it can even harm the silver jewelry by removing the valuable patina and anti-tarnish coating.

Homemade silver cleaner – Making a silver cleaner at your home can be an economically wise decision and it is also environment friendly. To suggest you some homemade cleaners – a) baking soda and water, b) olive oil and lemon juice c) white vinegar and baking soda d) baking soda, aluminum foil, salt, and boiling water, e) toothpaste and baking soda. These homemade combinations will help you keep your sterling jewelry young and lustrous.

But one most important thing here is that whatever cleaner you use may be good for silver, but what about the stones studded in the ring. The gemstones like opal, turquoise, onyx, carnelian, pearls etc. are soft stones and can get damaged after coming con contact with the silver cleaners. To avoid this damage always follow some precaution rules. Like –

  • Be extremely careful while cleaning a gemstone ring as the chemical in the cleaner may get into the setting of gemstones and loosen any glue.
  • After cleaning a gemstone ring with the cleaner, rinse the ring with the running water.
  • Never use cleaners on oxidized jewelry, instead use a polishing cloth.
  • Always use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the extra water on the surface. It will also erase the white spots that emerge after washing.

Pleasurable, sumptuous and sophisticated, owning sterling silver jewelry is like owning a responsibility. It makes you look effortlessly beautiful and in turn you have to make efforts to help it retain its beauty. Set the fire with the stunning sterling and let reflect the tranquil luster of its calming radiance in your look. We produce a myriad of designs for you so that all the women out there can wear their desired look to celebrate and compliment their womanly beauty. Choose from our diverse designs and walk with the latest trends. Also treat your addiction for antiquity with our tremendous antique pieces which reserves a noteworthy place in our collection. With national and international demands of sterling silver jewelry, new innovations in styles, designs, are taking place in jewelry world and very promisingly, we have a hold on every new wave of trend and every desire of our customers. We do not follow trends; rather we make trends with our idiosyncratic approach and irresistible creations.  

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